It's more
than just a game.

Welcome to Cipton, where innovation meets fun and adventure. With over three decades of success in tech, innovation, and delivering premium quality in everything we do, we’ve had a knack for pushing boundaries and bringing cutting-edge ideas to life.

Our journey began with a profound love for gaming and sports. We discovered a gap in this market when it came to creating new trends, expanding the limits of success, and venturing into new territories of power and passion. A void that needed to be filled with products that are not just innovative but cool, intelligent, and more importantly, fun. The gaming and sports equipment industry was ripe for a revolution and we’re here with a vision for this transformation.

At Cipton, we’re infusing high-tech innovation into the world of gaming and sporting goods. Our mission is simple yet grand: to elevate everyday gaming and sports to new heights. We’re taking the familiar and ordinary and making it unique and extraordinary making headway to match our customers’ passion, enthusiasm, and hunger for fun and excellence.

We’ve had record success with immersing our innovative LED motion-reactive technology into gaming staples like Basketball, Football, Golf Training Kits, Dart Boards, and much more. With continued persistence, our goal is to innovate, invent, and infuse newness into everyday gaming and sports for our customers.

But more than innovation and technology, we’re about fun, excitement, and the undeniable swag that goes hand in hand with the spirit of healthy competition and ambition. We’re here to wow our customers with products that not only perform exceptionally but also make every gaming and sports experience unforgettable.

Cipton isn’t just a brand, it’s a movement. We’re here to suffuse the market with our innovation, offering a wide range of cool and fun products for everyone to cherish and delight in. Whether you’re a child discovering the joys of play, a young adult looking for an edge in sports, a family bonding over games, or an aspiring athlete seeking the best gear for your growth, Cipton is here to redefine the fun in your world.