Cipton Gaming 4 in a Row Jumbo Connect Set Game

  • CIPTON GAMES – Cipton Specializes in making fun and unique games for the whole family and any ages. 4 In a Row has been around for years and Cipton has a little twist, making it a jumbo set. Grab your friends and start the night off with a few games. Enjoy!
  • AMERICAS FAVORITE GAME – 4 in row is a fun, competitive and addictive game. See who can outsmart who at the next family gathering or between you and a couple of your friends. Get 4 in a row, connect 4 of the same colors to win the game.
  • HOW TO SET UP & PLAY – Easy to install, connect the bottom of to the frame, slide the catcher under and drop the discs through the whole. Split up the discs by color, orange and blue, and start dropping.
  • FOR YOUR SAFETY – Keep children under 3 years old away from the set, the set contains small and choking hazard pieces which can easily injure a young child who isn’t being careful.
  • EXCELLENT CARE - Cipton takes responsibility of all quality-related issues. Please feel free to contact our customer support team when you have any question, and you can be sure of our prompt response.

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